Volume Four of The Tenth Magazine explores the Black queer identity at the threshold of the future—unchartered territory where the obvious consequences of technology are changing the face of the planet we live on, but the more obscure consequences—the far-reaching and truly philosophical, social implications—are being overlooked by us all.

In this issue, the hunt is on for that Black gay who works in a room in their house or at Google with a sign on the door that reads: “Restricted Area,” on any number of R&D projects for any number of high-tech problems—ride-sharing, robotics, intergalactic death rays or dating. The entrepreneurs, the engineers, the designers, the developers, the mad Black scientists working on any number of high-tech innovations that have a slim chance of succeeding, but might revolutionize the world if they do. That’s who we’re looking for. Maybe a better question is, do they even exist?

If she does, she could only be one place, which isn’t really a place, but more a state of mind: Silicon Valley, so we headed West on the great American road to technological freedom to find her. But you should know before you join us, it is left, it is o line, and it is mostly downhill. It’s the anxiety you feel when your phone is down—times one hundred million; it’s the sense you get that you’re not alive when not connected to the Internet until you’ve stopped breathing, for real.

Welcome to The Tenth’s “Black Queer Tech Revolution.” Godspeed.
From “Hollywood It Boys” to “The Men Behind The Muses,” our editors and collaborators present an authentic epistemology of contemporary Los Angeles from all sides— the dark side of the Southern California dream to the glitter of the Hollywood Hills. Prior to, we travel through America’s Midwest to meet THE INDUSTRIALISTS and examine the national rollback in industry that caused the death of factory towns like Detroit and Indianapolis, but which have now spawned miniature engines of prosperity that have revitalized them via the art, culture and inventiveness of the Black gay community that resides there.
For Volume Two of THE TENTH, our editors and over 100 collaborators traveled to Boston, Upstate New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans, Montgomery and Dallas for the EAST SIDE of “THE AMERICANA ISSUE” to collaborate on photographic essays, journalist endeavors, short film features and in-depth interviews with some of the nation’s most recognized and undiscovered talents. VOLUME TWO is a collection of stories that will stand as one of the most comprehensive and pervasive documents from this period in American history, our American History, Black Gay American History.